Over the past 5 years the CLCDC has employed the services of a number of outside consultants to assist us with various requirements of our project including print media, production work, historical information gathering, fund raising, and project management.

An example of the outstanding assistance we have received from outside our committee is the consulting work provided to our project by CT Consultants.

CT Consultants was contacted by CLCDC early in the project concept development and planning stages.  After assessing capabilities offered by CT Consultants, versus other consulting firms with a known specialty for work on small town revitalization projects, CLCDC selected and employed CT Consultants.

CT Consultants is headquartered in Akron, Ohio. They are an award winning firm that has helped more than 75 communities to improve and transform aged and worn downtown streets and commercial corridors into vital civic assets.  Their successes include the Pennsylvania towns of Warren, Oil City, Slippery Rock, Washington, Indiana, and Grove City.  They offer professional expertise covering a broad range of community improvement projects, particularly downtown revitalization and streetscape projects.

CT Consultants has already proven to be a valuable part of our Conneaut Lake Revitalization Team, providing valuable assistance to our project with design planning, financial planning, grant applications and engineering, as well as providing support during presentations to potential grantors.  We expect they will continue working with us in coordinating the project management and advising, on sight, during the construction phase.

Please visit the CT Consultants website www.ctconsultants.com