Project Progress 12-21-20

Conneaut Lake Borough recognizes CLCDC for its efforts in delivering quality, long-term revitalization to Fireman’s Beach

Fireman’s Beach offers “the finest access to the lake.” Along with being an important community facility for access and enjoyment, the beach is an important source of funds for the Borough.

In 2020, the profit from Fireman’s Beach was $58,000 (previous years: $28,000 in 2015; $43,000 in 2016; $40,000 in 2017; $30,000 in 2018; and $24,000 in 2019). The trend for increased profits is expected to continue.

Rental rates increased due partly to high demand for dock space but mainly to the Borough claim that “Fireman’s Beach docking is the best product in the area.” The older docks fees increased from $650 to $750 per year and the fees for the newly added docks increased from $850 to $950.

The new playground was also recognized as a great addition to the beach area.

Councilman Bill Eldridge, who is also Chairman of the CLCDC, and the entire CLCDC were recognized for their efforts in completing the beach project. The committee was able to obtain the funding needed for the multimillion-dollar revitalization project.

CLCDC “is a tremendous asset to the community. That’s why we partnered with them. What the committee has promised has been delivered.”

Please refer to the December 21, 2020 Meadville Tribune article in the "Media Coverage" tab of this website.
Project Progress 10-30-20

Conneaut Lake Community Development Committee (CLCDC) receives “vote of confidence” from Conneaut Lake Borough Council

The recent positive work and success of the CLCDC in completing Phase 1 of revitalization of Water Street (1st St. – 2nd St.) and Fireman’s Beach was reviewed at the October Borough Council meeting.

Council confirmed that CLCDC has the authority to oversee future revitalization projects, beginning in the Spring of 2021 with Water Street Phase 2 (2nd St. – 3rd St.) and Memorial Park.

Please refer to the October 30, 2020 Meadville Tribune article in the "Media Coverage" tab of this website.
Posted: 8-24-20

Improvements coming to Memorial Park

Memorial Park on Water Street will be getting an upgrade with funding by the Conneaut Lake Kiwanis Club. Funds are from a bequest from the estate of the late George Rutherford.

Improvements will include the replacement of benches and pole lights to match those used in the revitalization project on Water Street. Also, a new flagpole and flower urns will be added.

Please refer to the August 24, 2020 Meadville Tribune article in the "Media Coverage" tab of this website.
Posted 5-20-20

Conneaut Lake Revitalization Project to continue

The Conneaut Lake Community Development Committee (CLCDC) is pleased to announce that Phase 2 of the Conneaut Lake revitalization project is now scheduled to begin in September with work to be done between 2nd and 3rd Streets consistent with Phase 1 work completed last year between 1st and 2nd Streets. Initial work will be on sidewalks, curbs, and landscaping.

Please refer to the May 20, 2020 Meadville Tribune article in the "Media Coverage" tab of this website.
 Posted 4-13-20

Revitalization project on hold

The Conneaut Lake revitalization Phase 2 project to improve Water Street between Second and Third streets with lighting, sidewalks and pavement has bee put on hold due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The PennDOT project was halted by PennDOT.

It is not clear when the project will be restarted.

Please refer to the April 11, 2020 Meadville Tribune article in the "Media Coverage" tab of this website.
Posted February 23, 2020

Plans for Phase 2 of Conneaut Lake revitalization to be reviewed in a public meeting

Plans for the next phase of a revitalization project in downtown Conneaut Lake will be discussed at a Town Hall Meeting, date to be announced. Pennsylvania Department of Transportation officials will review the project.
Phase 2 of the revitalization project is focused on Water Street from Second to Fourth streets.
The Conneaut Lake Community Development Committee is hoping to obtain another grant from PennDOT for $275,000 for work on the project. The grant would include a 20 percent match from the borough.
Refer to Meadville Tribune article February 22, 2020 in the Media coverage section of this website. 
Posted:  January 25, 2020
Plans for Phase 2 of Revitalization completed
With Phase One of the Conneaut Lake Revitalization Project completed, focus has turned to Phase Two, to include work on Water Street from Second Street to Third Street.
Phase Two design plans have been on public display in the Conneaut Lake Borough Town Hall for the past week. The plans address improvements to sidewalks, street, intersections, and lighting to match the Phase One work recently completed on Water Street from First Street through Second Street.
Timing will depend on a bid process and plan finalization, with a target for work to begin in 2020.



A new playground for Fireman's Beach is expected to be completed by the end of August. The playground is designed for smaller children. It will be placed near the beach, and close to the concession stand, and will occupy an area of 35 feet by 60 feet. It will include a 12 inch wood chip base and a small plastic surrounding wall. The construction will be done professionally.

Please refer to the July 18, 2019 Meadville Tribune article in the "Media Coverage" tab of this website.


Post May 23, 2019

Conneaut Lake voters approve retail sale of alcohol

Election Day, Tuesday, May 21, will likely prove to be a great day for the economic development of Conneaut Lake. With a green light now on for alcohol sales in the borough, it is expected that new business will come to the borough, likely in the form of a new restaurant or club.

Please refer to the May 23, 2019 Meadville Tribune article in the "Media Coverage" tab of this website.


Conneaut Lake celebrates completion of revitalization project's first phase

During the April Conneaut Lake Borough Council meeting, it was announced that the $3 million Phase I of the revitalization project at Conneaut Lake is now complete and the project came in under budget.
The entire Phase I was funded without a borough tax increase.

Removal of telephone poles and underground wiring are the only details yet to be completed. That work has been paid for in full but the actual work has been delayed as Windstream is in bankruptcy, however, this work is expected to be completed soon.

The new streetscape and beach facilities will attract new investments and visitors to Conneaut Lake. Significant revenue will be generated for the borough through the new boat dock rentals. Hundreds of thousands of dollars were saved by the borough in necessary infrastructure maintenance which has been addressed by the Phase I work.

Please see the April 16, 2019 Meadville Tribune article in the "Media Coverage" tab of this website.






Post 11-29-18

Conneaut Lake revitalization 1st Phase nearly complete

Construction, which began in the Spring to revitalize Fireman's Beach and one block of Water Street, 1st Street through 2nd Street, is 97% complete. Remaining is the removal of overhead utility lines and supporting poles on Water Street this week. New lines are now underground. Work on Fireman's Beach is complete including docks, launch, parking, landscaping, and promenade connecting the beach to Ice House Park..

The project is ending on budget and although 90% of the $3.5million overall costs were covered by funds raised through several government grants, 10% was paid through funds raised by CLCDC from numerous donations from the community and from Conneaut Lake Borough funds. The broad participation by the citizens and businesses of our community was a key factor in the successful completion of the project. Thanks to all those who so generously donated.

Plans in the next year are for a new playground to be placed at Fireman's Beach.

Phase 2 is planned to begin in 2020 and will focus on Water Street, 2nd Street through 4th Street, with improvements planned similar to those completed in Phase 1.

Fund raising for Phase 2 is currently underway. CLCDC has already secured a $475,000 government grant. Donations from local sources will again be critical and can be made easily on

Please refer to the November 20, 2018 Meadville Tribune article in the "Media Coverage" tab of this website.


Posted July 1, 2018

Fireman's Beach project nearly complete

The new boat launch and the swimming beach are open for business. The parking lot is paved, the sidewalks are in, and over 2,000 plantings have been added. With over 95 percent of the work complete, Fireman's Beach is looking great and functioning better than ever.

Work left to be done over the next week includes installation of railings at steps along the sidewalk, a new sign at the beach entrance, a locking entry gate, parking lines, and bumper stops.


Posted: June 20, 2018


Conneaut Lake Borough Council takes action to increase safety along Water Street
During the Borough Council meeting June 13, a motion was passed eliminating parallel parking on the south side of Water Street in the revitalization project area, between First Street and Second Street.

Water Street has always had very narrow lanes when parked vehicles have lined both sides of the street and there have been numerous incidents of rear view mirrors being clipped-off, parked vehicles being side-swiped and near misses involving vehicle occupants. As major routes 6, 18 and 322 pass through the town, a limiting of vehicle size and volume has never been an option.

Borough Council action will result in the lowering of the risk of vehicle damage and personal injury. Although nine parking places will be eliminated, eight more will be created behind the buildings on the north side of Water Street.

For more detail, please refer to the "Media Coverage" tab of this website.


Posted:  June 9, 2018

The Fireman's Beach revitalization project is expected to be completed by June 22.

Please refer to the June 7, 2018 Meadville Tribune "Crawford West" headline article in the "Media Coverage" tab of this website.



Posted:  May 31, 2018


Water Street Phase I north side improvements nearly completed



Public enjoying the new Fireman's Beach over Memorial Day Weekend



New Fireman's Beach boat launch in action over Memorial Day Weekend



New Fireman's Beach promenade looking south from the beach toward town




New docking system at Fireman's Beach nearly complete........... LOOKING GOOD


Posted:  May 11, 2018

New sidewalk and curb work progressing along north side of Water St. and really looking nice


New boat launch ramp on Fireman’s Beach now in position in the water at the new location at south end of the beach property


New sidewalk and promenade installation work on Fireman’s Beach moving forward. Beach work still expected to be complete Memorial Day



Posted:  April 25, 2018


The new Fireman’s Beach boat ramp is taking shape. The ramp has been relocated to the south side of the beach area to facilitate boat launching and provide improved safety at the swimming beach.


Posted:  April 11, 2018

Underground improvements proceeding along north side of Water St., West of 1st St., as 2 lane traffic continues. Please remember businesses in this area remain open and happy to serve you.


Posted:  April 11, 2018



Revitalization work well underway at Fireman’s Beach

Posted:  March 20, 2018


Construction Underway on Revitalization Projects




Please refer to March 14th Meadville Tribune article and the March 19th Community News article in the "Media Coverage" tab of this website.


Posted:  March 13, 2018


$4 Million Conneaut Lake Water Street and Fireman's Beach revitalization project begins construction

Tuesday, March 13 marked the beginning of Conneaut Lake revitalization construction with a ceremonial ground breaking. The Water Street project (1st St. intersection through 2nd St. intersection) is already underway and is expected to be completed within 120 days. The Fireman's Beach project will begin soon and is targeted for completion by the Memorial Day weekend.

Please refer to the March 14, 2018 Meadville Tribune article in the "Media Coverage" tab of this website.


Posted:  January 12, 2018

Town Hall Meeting Construction Update

There will be a Town Hall Meeting at 7:00 pm on Friday, February 16, 2018 at the Conneaut Lake Town Hall. Open to the public, information will be presented regarding the construction plans for the first phase of the revitalization project, including Water Street from 1st Street to 2nd Street and Fireman's Beach. Representatives from CLCDC, Crawford County and the construction companies will be present. The meeting will include a Q&A.


Posted:  December 28, 2017

Conneaut Lake Revitalization Project Phase 1 construction expected to begin in Spring, 2018

Seven bids, covering two separate bid packages, were opened recently at the Crawford County Planning Commission office. A third bid package for Water Street had been previously opened and has already been awarded.

The first opening was two bids for the Water Street project. The second opening was five bids for the Fireman's Beach Project.

The process, involving three separate bid packages for Phase 1 construction, is now complete and the bids are under budget. Contracts are expected to be awarded at the Jan. 2 meeting of Conneaut Lake Borough Council after all bids are reviewed.

The only other contracts still out for bid are for engineering services with bids due by Friday.

Once all contracts are awarded, a town hall meeting will be held to explain the entire process and its ramifications to borough residents and property owners.

Please refer to the December 26, 2017 Meadville Tribune article in the "Media Coverage" tab of this website.


Posted:  November 18, 2017

More good Revitalization News.....

The second and third of three bid packages for the First Phase of the Revitalization projects for Water Street and Fireman's Beach were posted today in the Meadville Tribune. Sealed bids will be opened and read at 9:00am, December 15, at the Crawford County courthouse. The first bid package has already been awarded.

With the completion of the bid process by yearend, it is anticipated that the construction work on both Water Street and Fireman's Beach will begin in the Spring, 2018.

Bid 2: Water Street Streetscape Rehabilitation Project

Included in the project:
- Replacement of existing concrete curbs, sidewalks, and ADA pedestrian ramps
- Milling and resurfacing of the roadway
- Installation of new storm sewers and inlets
- Installation of undergroun utility and traffic conduits
- Installation of landscaping materials

Bid 3: Fireman's Beach Rehabilitation Project

Included in the project:
- Demolition, grading, relocation of miscellaneous site items
- Removal and relocation of existing lighting system and utilities
- Removal and repairs to existing retaining walls
- Construction of new storm drainage systems
- Asphalt paving
- Pavement markings
- Signage
- Portland Cement paving and sidewalks
- New boat docks
- New boat launch
- Aggregate parking areas including wheel stops
- ADA compliant pedestrian ramps
- Site lighting
- Appurtenances including mobilization, maintenance of traffic, erosion control, utilities and landscaping


Post:  October 21, 2017

Bids for Revitalization Project moving forward

Three bid packages totaling $3.5 million  have been prepared for the first phase of the revitalization project to include the first block of Water Street (1st Street intersection through 2nd Street intersection) and Fireman's Beach.

One bid package addressing Water Street and Fireman's Beach has been out and returns are to be returned this week. A second bid package for Water Street is to be sent out this week. And the third bid package, specific to Fireman's Beach, will be sent out soon, pending final legal and survey work.

The timing for completion of all 3 bid packages is in line with a timetable for the start of  construction in the Spring, 2018.

Please refer to the "Media Coverage" tab, and the Meadville Tribune article of October 21, 2017.


Posted:  Sep 16, 2017

Conneaut Lake Borough Council has voted unanimously to advertise for bids on seven different projects as part of the revitalization of downtown and Fireman's Beach.

PennDOT will coordinate the bid opening for work specific to Water Street, including advertising and contractor selection. Borough Council will award the contract by December 15 and expects construction to begin by no later than Spring 2018.  


Posted 8/31/2017


Town Hall receives Pennsylvania Historic Preservation Award

Good News !!

The Conneaut Lake Borough has been notified that the Conneaut Lake Town Hall (formerly High Street Church) has been selected for the "Initiative - Community Involvement Award" at the 2017 Pennsylvania Historic Preservation Awards.

Our beautiful Town Hall has rightfully been recognized by Preservation Pennsylvania as one of the most notable building preservation community involvement projects in the State. This award will position Conneaut Lake very well for applying for Pennsylvania Historic Preservation grants for developing a long-term maintenance plan for our historic building.

A formal presentation of the award honoring our Town Hall project will be made to Conneaut Lake Borough at the State Museum of Pennsylvania in Harrisburg on October 12, 2017.

Our thanks again go to the Ronald Anderson family for renovating and generously gifting the historic church to Conneaut Lake Borough for our use as our public Town Hall.


Posted 8/13/2017


Great News!!  The U.S. - EDA has approved modification to the Conneaut Lake revitalization grant, paving the way for bidding

When CLCDC decided to combine the Water Street and Fireman's Beach projects in order to maximize the use of the total funding plan, it became necessary for CLCDC to obtain approval from EDA to use a portion of the previously awarded $1 million federal EDA Water Street Grant for improvements to Fireman's Beach.

Following numerous reviews of plan modification data over the past year by the EDA, their final approval to the new plan is expected to be in the hands of the CLCDC in the next couple of weeks. With this modification, the funds from the EDA grant can now be used for matching previously awarded PA-DCNR grants for Fireman's Beach totaling $775,000.

Work at the beach and on Water Street will be done simultaneously. Completion of this $3.15 million phase of the revitalization project is expected by the end of 2018.

You can help

Conneaut Lake Community Development Committee holds a fundraising session for invited guests at the town hall on Sept. 9 to raise additional funds for Conneaut Lake's the downtown revitalization project.

Those wishing to contribute to the fund may send donations to the CLCDC at P.O. Box 195, Conneaut Lake, PA 16316.

Please refer to the August 12, 2017 Meadville Tribune article in the "Media Coverage" tab of the website for details.


Posted: 6-27-17

CLCDC-led revitalization project could begin soon.

An application was made this week by Conneaut Lake Borough Council to the U.S. Commerce Department, Economic Development Administration (EDA) to accept and approve a change request to the $1M grant previously awarded for the Water Street revitalization project.

The application requests that half of the $1M be used for Water Street and half for Fireman's Beach.

CLCDC is hoping for a favorable, fast response from EDA to make it possible for the project to begin by summer end.

Please refer to the June 27, 2017 Meadville Tribune article in the "Media Coverage" tab of this website.


Posted: May 22, 2016

Evans Square Senior Living Project to begin construction next week

The revitalization of Conneaut Lake Borough is about to take another significant step with this beautiful addition to the borough. Construction is expected to begin next week on the three-story senior citizens housing complex which will be located on the southeast corner of North Fifth and Line streets.

Evans Square is being built at a cost of about $10 million. The 38,950 square feet facility will include thirty-six one-bedroom units and four two-bedroom units.  
A groundbreaking ceremony is planned for the week of June 12 and construction is expected to take about one year. No applications are being accepted yet for renting any of the apartments.

Please refer to the January 23, 2017 Meadville Tribune article in the "Media Coverage" tab of the website for details.


Posted: February 19, 2017

 Lake senior housing complex construction faces May start

Please see the Media Coverage of this website and Meadville Tribune article updating the $10M, 39k sq.ft., 40 unit, Evans Square senior housing complex on Line Street in the borough. Also in the article, important update on the Water St. and Firemans Beach Revitalization project.

The 2nd annual Ice House Festival at Ice House Park and Chili cookoff at Station 3 will take place this Saturday, February, 25.
For details on the events planned, check this website:   Winter Ice House Festival link.



 Posted:  January 23, 2017

Work on Fireman's Beach expected to begin in 2017

Timing to start on Fireman's Beach revitalization (Spring or Fall, 2017) will depend on federal government Economic Development Administration approval to use grant funds, originally slated for the Water Street project, on Fireman's Beach.

Please refer to the January 23, 2017 Meadville Tribune article in the "Media Coverage" tab of the website for details.


Post:  October 10, 2016


Bid Process is next big step in Conneaut Lake revitalization

At the Borough Council work session, Wednesday, Oct. 4, 2016, plans for the 1st phase of construction of Fireman's Beach were reviewed. The major federal and state grantors are being advised of plan modifications and thought was given to having pre-bid conferences later this year. It is hoped that bids can be put out before the end of 2016, with construction to begin as early as February, 2017. $3million has been raised and there is one grant pending for $475,000 for the project which includes Fireman's Beach and one block of Water Street. Council members will review all ideas and be prepare to make decisions and suggestions at the next council meeting.

Please refer to the Meadville Tribune article of October 8 in the website, "Media Coverage" section.


Post:  September 17,2016

Great  News for the Conneaut Lake Revitalization Project !

Making a "very significant decision," Conneaut Lake Borough Council voted Wednesday, September 14, to proceed with the revised scope, plan, and timetable for revitalization of  Water Street and Fireman's Beach. The vote "green lights" the $3M project to move to construction. And the new construction schedule calls for work to begin on Fireman's Beach as early as Winter of  2017, halting May 19 if work is not finished to allow access to the beach for the Summer season, and then re-starting after the summer season. The Water Street part of the project is scheduled for construction next Spring/Summer.

Please refer to the "Media Coverage" tab, and the Meadville Tribune article of September 17, 2016.


Post:  September 15, 2016


Conneaut Lake Borough Council moves closer to making critical decisions on the proposed revised scope for the revitalization project for downtown Conneaut lake and Fireman's Beach.

During a special work session on Wednesday, Sep. 7, 2016 Conneaut Lake Borough Council reviewed financial details and a number of topics and concerns aimed at moving the project into the construction phase as soon as possible.

Council members appeared quite positive about the plans and will review the detailed information presented by CLCDC Chairman, Bill Eldridge and CLCDC member, Bob Moss. Important votes are expected at the next Borough Council meeting to be held on September 14, 2016.

Please refer to the Meadville Tribune article of September 10, 2016 in the "Media Coverage" section of this website for details, including interesting financial information.


 Post:  August 31, 2016

Conneaut Lake Revitalization Project Update link to August 30, JET24 - ABC Erie News report.
1st Phase construction project, slated to begin next Spring, close to going to bid.


Posted:  August 23, 2016

Conneaut Lake has been awarded a $10,000 grant from PNC Foundation for the construction of a pre-school playground.

The playground will be built on Fireman's Beach in conjunction with the revitalization plans for the beach.

PNC Foundation "Grow Up Great" early education initiative grants are awarded to worthy nonprofit organizations that service low- and moderate-income children; economic development and arts and culture.

Please refer to the Meadville Tribune article in the Media Coverage section of this website


Posted:  August 17, 2016

Property donation changes Fireman's Beach revitalization project

Conneaut Lake Borough Council voted unanimously, during an extended Borough Council meeting, Monday, August 15, to accept a generous property donation by Kathy and Bob Moss, valued at $250,000. The strip of land donated is situated on the lake where people walk to get from Ice House Park to Fireman's Beach.

The revised plan and scope proposal which combines the Fireman's Beach and Water Street revitalization projects needed additional funding and this donation addresses that, as well as providing added strength to the proposal.

The revised scope proposal will be submitted to a major grantor of the project [PA Department of Conservation and Natural Resources (DCNR)] for their approval.  



For additional information refer to the "Media Coverage" section of this website and the Meadville Tribune August 13 and August 20, 2016 articles.


Posted:  August 17, 2016


Woolly Mammoth sculpture to be located before Winter on Fireman's Beach


As a key piece of the revitalization project for Water Street and Fireman's Beach, the sculpture is the first part of a new Conneaut Lake arts trail that will connect Ice House Park and Fireman's Beach.

The sculpture is being built thanks to a $75,000 grant awarded by the National Endowments of the Arts and received by the Conneaut Lake Community Development Committee two years ago.



Please refer to the Meadville Tribune article in the Media Coverage section of this website.


Posted: July 28, 2016

Conneaut Lake is missing out on some grants as more are being sought

CLCDC is working on a downscaled plan that can be implemented beginning Spring of 2017, utilizing the more than $3 million already received,  with the hopes that additional grants pending will be acted upon favorably by the state once budget issues are resolved.

Please refer to the "Media Coverage" tab of this website for more information.


Posted:  May 24, 2016

CLCDC is awarded one of three Dietrich Foundation Grant Awards

CONNEAUT LAKE — The Dietrich Foundation Conneaut Lake, PA Fund of The Pittsburgh Foundation has awarded the Conneaut Lake Community Development Committee (CLCDC) $3,199 to purchase audio/visual equipment for the Conneaut Lake Town Hall.
The Girl Scouts of Western Pennsylvania and Ice House Park were also awarded grants by the Dietrich Foundation for this year.  

Please see Meadville Tribune Article in the "Media Coverage" section of this website


Posted:  May 24, 2016

Meadville Tribune Article offers update on CLCDC plans for the Revitalization of Conneaut Lake Borough and Fireman's Beach

The article highlights plan modification, grant funding update, and revised schedule. Although important grants are still pending in Harrisburg, the modified plan for Phase 1 enables the project to move forward on Water Street, Fireman's Beach, and the connector between the town and beach. With the over $3 million already awarded for the project, CLCDC is optimistic with respect to the pending grant applications which would result in expanding the work plan.

Please see Meadville Tribune Article in the "Media Coverage" section of this website


Posted:  November 18,  2015

Water Street revitalization construction now in sight....
A lot of good news comes from the November 11 Conneaut Lake Borough Council Meeting. On behalf of CLCDC, Bill Eldridge presented to Borough Council with the detailed, completed revitalization engineering plans for a section of Water Street, including the 1st Street intersection through the 2nd Street intersection. This will be the 1st phase of construction and the engineering drawings have now been submitted to PennDOT for review and approval. Upon approval, the project is expected to be put out for bid in the Spring with construction to follow shortly thereafter. A plan is being acted upon to obtain easements from 14 property owners within the next month. These easements are necessary to clear the way for the construction.

Regarding the Fireman's Beach revitalization, Borough Council gave the green light to move forward on preliminary engineering which has now been kicked off. And it was reported that a permanent easement has been received by Bob and Kathy Moss to allow for a connector tunnel under their property to enable pedestrian and bicycle traffic to move from the town to and through the Fireman's Beach area. The connectivity between the town and the beach is an important aspect of the overall revitalization plan.

With over $3M in grants already in place for Water Street, the 1st phase is moving along at a good pace. Other grant applications are pending and CLCDC plans on additional grant applications.

The revitalization project achievements to date are a result of considerable work and coordination between CLCDC, Borough Council, major utilities, PennDOT, and our contract design engineering firm, CT Consultants.

Please refer to the November 17, 2015 Meadville Tribune article in the "Media Coverage" tab of this website titled "Easements eyed for revitalization."

Borough Council also approved a zoning ordinance allowing Hudson Property Management to take their next step towards eventual construction of their planned $10M, 40-unit, senior-housing complex (Evans Square) on 38,000 sq ft of property in the Borough on 5th St. between Church St. and Line St. (near the post office). Hudson selected Conneaut Lake Borough for this project in large part due to the positive, forward movement occurring with the CLCDC/Borough revitalization project.

Please refer to the November 12, 2015 Meadville Tribune article in the "Media Coverage" tab of this website titled "Zoning ordinance change helps group" for interesting details.


Posted:  September 30, 2015

Secretary of Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources (DCNR) visits revitalization site.

With two grant applications with DCNR, Conneaut Lake Borough Council and CLCDC were pleased to have the opportunity to provide a first-hand look at the Fireman's Beach project to the Secretary of DCNR, Cindy Adams Dunn. The Secretary oversees funding sources for revitalization projects and is thus a key decision maker re: project grant applications. She was accompanied by State Senator Michelle Brooks who is a strong supporter and advocate of the Conneaut Lake Borough and Fireman's Beach revitalization plan.
The Secretary, who's unannounced visit to Conneaut Lake was her first, expressed that she was impressed with the plan and the potential benefit to be derived by the community through the revitalization project.

Please refer to the September 29, 2015 Meadville Tribune article in the "Media Coverage" tab of this website for more on the DCNR visit and other revitalization news.


Posted:  September 8, 2015

Revitalization grant work continues

A new application is being submitted  to the state for additional funding for the Water Street construction project. The new funds requested from the state are targeted for work on Second Street through Fourth Streets, specifically for stormwater removal and sidewalks. Funding is already in place for the construction work for First Street intersection through Second Street intersection with work on this segment expected to begin in the Spring of 2016.

Please refer to the August 27, 2015 Meadville Tribune article in the "Media Coverage" tab of this website.


Posted:  August 10, 2015


Announcing Barbara J Cruises

1) The Barbara J will once again be making regularly scheduled cruises. Under new non-profit ownership and management, the cruises begin on Saturday, August 15, and will continue into the winter, until further notice. The public is invited (no reservation needed) to enjoy a relaxing and informative cruise on Conneaut Lake's historic and iconic sternwheeler at $10 per person.

Saturday, 12:00pm
Saturday, 5:00pm
Sunday, 12:00pm

For additional information please call 814 382-RIDE

2) The Barbara J is now available for private parties and charters
For reservations and details, please call 814 382-RIDE


Posted:  July 24, 2015


Coming This Winter

1st Annual Winter Ice House Festival

February 26-27, 2016

Ice House Park, Conneaut Lake


Family Fun Ice Sculptures - Free Interactive Displays & Door Prizes

Chili Cook-Off Contest, K.N.I.T. Community Project, Ice Harvesting Industry Exhibit and more!!!


Conneaut Lake Community Development Events Committee

Ice Festival Updates at 




Posted:  July 13, 2015

Mammoths on the Lake’ Community Day

Event to provide life-size historic reminder

“We encourage residents and visitors to attend the event to celebrate the arts, share their memories and participate in the planning for the public art trail.”

Saturday, July 18, 2015 Noon - 5 pm
at Fireman's Beach (old playground area) for the 2nd arts-engagement event for Conneaut lake Borough's National Endowment for the Arts (NEA) Our Town Grant

   - T-shirt painting
   - Story telling
   - Concert
   - Mammoth-building workshop and planning


Please refer to the July 11, 2015 Meadville Tribune "Mammoths on the Lake' Community Day" article in the "Media Coverage" tab of this website.

Posted:  June 18, 2015


Story telling at the new Conneaut lake Town Hall

Saturday, June 20, 2015
  11 - 4, at Ice House Park
  1 - 2, David Hunt "The Power of Story" at Town Hall
  2:30 - 4, Community Story Circle at Town Hall
Sunday June 21, 2015
  11-4, Ice House Park

Conneaut Lake Borough & Allegheny College invite all visitors and residents of Conneaut Lake to share stories about living, working and playing in the Conneaut Lake area.  These stories will be incorporated into a series    of public sculptures to be developed as a public art trail connecting Ice House Park to Fireman's Beach.    Join us at Ice House Park from 11 - 4 on Saturday or Sunday or both days to share your stories and learn about this exciting National Endowment for the Arts Our Town Project.    On Saturday from 1 - 2 pm at the Conneaut Lake Town Hall, noted community organizer David V. Hunt will share inspiration & insights on the power of story.  A community story circle will follow from 2:30 - 4:00 pm.  Come for one part of this event or both!

For more information contact Emily Yochim at 814-823-9533 or

    Sponsored by the National Endowment for the Arts, Our Town Program


Posted:  May 20, 2015

Conneaut Lake has been named "Heritage Community of the Year" by the Pennsylvania Route 6 Alliance.

 On May 14 the Conneaut Lake Community Development Committee (CLCDC) accepted a  prestigious award on behalf of the Conneaut lake Community.

Conneaut Lake was chosen as a result of the work being done to revitalize the Borough and Fireman's Beach. Specifically, the award recognizes the coordinated efforts of Conneaut Lake Borough Council and the CLCDC in setting a vision, creating a master plan, and raising significant funds through local, county, state, and federal sources.

Conneaut Lake was named a "Heritage Community" by the Route 6 Alliance in 2010 after applying for "Heritage Community" status in 2008 and developing and beginning implementation of a work plan aimed at improving the assets of the Conneaut Lake area. There are 20 "Heritage Communities" along the entire PA Route 6 Corridor which extends across the entire state from Ohio to New York.

The PA Route 6 Alliance, formed in 2003, partners with citizens from 11 counties  to preserve, enhance, and promote the treasured resources that contribute to their shared sense of place. The Alliance promotes and initiates heritage tourism development strategies that will build more sustainable local economies and enhance the quality of life in every community along Pennsylvania Route 6.

CLCDC would like to thank all the people in our community who have provided their support, countless hours of work, and financial assistance. The excellent progress we have made together on the revitalization project, leading to this prestigious award, could not have been possible without the commitment of individuals, families, and businesses of the Conneaut Lake community.

Please refer to the May 18, 2015 Meadville Tribune "Conneaut Crowned" headline article in the "Media Coverage" tab of this website.


Posted:  April 27, 2015

PennDOT holds 1st site meeting ahead of the kickoff for work to be done via a $400,000 grant awarded to Conneaut Lake Borough by PennDOT in November, 2014. The grant is for revitalization work on Water Street.

Representatives of PennDOT toured downtown Conneaut Lake Wednesday, April 22. The tour of the project area (Water Street from 1st Street to 2nd Street and including intersections) and meeting with representatives of Conneaut Lake Community Development Committee (CLCDC) and the project consultant, CT Consultants, was a precursor to the planned project "kickoff" meeting. The tour provided an opportunity for the PennDOT reps to observe, 1st hand, the current state of the targeted project area.

The "kickoff" meeting will be held at the Conneaut Lake Town Hall, May 7, 2015, and is open to the public to obtain information and ask questions.

Please refer to the April, 2015 Meadville Tribune "Crawford West" headline article in the "Media Coverage" tab of this website.


Posted: April 23, 2015

Reminder.......Sunday,  April 26, 2015

Conneaut lake Borough Council to host a Dedication / Open House event for the new Conneaut Lake Town Hall.  

All are invited to attend the dedication of the new Conneaut lake Town Hall to be held on Sunday, April 26, 2015 at the Town Hall, 395 High Street, Conneaut Lake, from 2pm to 4pm. In addition to the dedication and social gathering, Allegheny College will be represented by Mrs. Amara Geffen, Professor of Art and Project Director, Arts Environment Dept., who will be presenting information on the National Endowment of the Arts (NEA) "Our Town Project" that is being funded by a recent grant award made by NEA to Conneaut Lake and Allegheny College for the purpose of bringing to life key elements of the history of Conneaut Lake.

And, tied to the "Our Town Project," and for fun for the kids, there will be T-shirt making.


Posted:  February 18, 2015                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Preliminary Engineering Study for the Water Street portion of the Conneaut Lake Revitalization Project presented at CL Borough Council Meeting

Various aspects of the engineering report were reviewed by the project consulting firm, CT Consultants, including steps to finalize engineering which will lead to construction bids, estimated construction timing, plan to keep disruption to traffic and commerce to a minimum during construction, plan for continued parallel parking on Water Street, and plan for relocation of utilities aimed at eliminating overhead wires and upgrading the systems. The presentation was well received by Borough Council, CLCDC members, and a number of residents. Council is now in a position to make a decision on kicking-off the final engineering and design work.

Please refer to the February 17, 2015 Meadville Tribune article in the "Media Coverage" tab of this website for details.


Posted:  February 16, 2015
Conneaut Lake Community Development Committee (CLCDC) featured by the Meadville Tribune as a "2014 difference maker" in special one-month series, "Vision: 2015," for its work on the revitalization of Conneaut Lake Borough and Fireman's Beach.

Crawford County people and businesses were asked by the Tribune to provide input on who/what are the difference makers in Crawford County in 2014. The Tribune selected three organizations, for special focus, that they feel are making major differences. This week's edition of "Vision: 2015" singles-out and takes an in-depth look at CLCDC's work to raise millions of dollars to revitalize Conneaut lake Borough and Fireman's Beach. This article covers the history of the committee and the revitalization project, current status of the project, and what is in store for the immediate future.    

Please refer to the January February 15, 2015 Meadville Tribune special-section, feature-article in the "Media Coverage" tab of this website.

Posted:  January 25, 2015
Hudson Property Management Pursuing Plan to Build $10M Senior Living Center in Conneaut Lake Borough

Hudson Property Management, Hermitage, PA. presented its plan for the "Evans Square" Retirement Living Center to the Crawford County Commissioners at their January 24 work session. The proposed structure is to be built between Line and Fifth streets in Conneaut Lake Borough near the post office. The plan for "Evans Square" is for three stories to hold forty units; thirty-six one-bedroom and four two-bedroom units. Depending on funding details, the property could be closed as soon as January of  2016 and construction would take about a year.

Please refer to the January 28, 2015 Meadville Tribune front page article in the "Media Coverage" tab of this website


Posted:  January 26, 2015
Rent the New Conneaut Lake Town Hall for your Next Event

With 300 sq.ft. of space, a max occupancy of 125 people, kitchen, stage, fully ADA compliant entrance, elevators and bathrooms, beautiful interior, and other amenities, the Conneaut Lake Town hall is ready for community use. There are plenty of tables and chairs for even large gatherings and, although cooking and baking are not permitted, the kitchen is well equipped and easy to use for food and beverage setup, including your BYOB choices.

A rental agreement will be required of anyone desiring to rent the hall and will be reviewed with the licensee at the time of signing.

Rentals are to be arranged by contacting the Conneaut Lake Borough office at 395 High Street from 9:00am to noon on weekdays.

Prior to finalizing a rental agreement, event requests will be presented to Conneaut Lake Borough Council for approval. Events requiring approval prior to the next scheduled Borough Council meeting will be approved by the Borough Council Property Committee.

Rental Agreement terms:

- Events will be scheduled only for the current calendar year
- Renters must be 21 years of age or older
- Rent fee for 2015 is $200
- Initial deposit is $50
- All fees must be paid in full 14 days in advance of the rental date
- A $50 security deposit will be required
- There will be no smoking of tobacco or other substances
- No alcohol sales permitted, however BYOB is permitted
- Hours for rental will be 9:00 am to 11:00 pm
- No cooking or baking will be allowed
- No traffic or parking control will be provided
- Cleanup is the responsibility of the licensee

Please refer to the January 24, 2015 Meadville Tribune article in the "Media Coverage" tab of this website.


Posted:  January 25, 2015

Conneaut Lake to apply for more revitalization funding

The Conneaut Lake Community Development Committee (CLCDC) received approval from the Conneaut Lake Borough Council to proceed with 2 significant grant applications for the Revitalization Project for the town and Fireman's Beach. These grant applications are for $3 million from the Pennsylvania Assistance Capital Program and $375,000 from the PA Department of Community and Economic Development (DCED).

Fundraising is an ongoing process for CLCDC. Currently several other grants are pending and the CLCDC continues to explore additional opportunities for funding through grants and other channels.

Pertaining to the Phase 1 of the project, over half of the necessary funding has already been raised, engineering is in process, and construction bids will be released later this year.

Please refer to the January 22, 2015 Meadville Tribune article in the "Media Coverage" tab of this website.


Posted:  January 23, 2015

New Conneaut Lake Town Hall Comes to Life

Conneaut Lake Borough is, this week, relocating offices into the new Conneaut Lake Town Hall building (renovated historic North Street Church.....please refer to November 24, 2014 posting below) and limited, quality office space is still available for lease.

The new offices for Borough Council and the new Town Hall facility for the community represent a significant step forward in the Revitalization of Conneaut Lake Borough.


New Town Hall Office Space Available for Lease

Conneaut Lake Borough has 300 sq. ft. of Administrative Office space remaining in its beautiful new Town Hall located at 395 High St., Conneaut Lake, PA 16316.  The Borough is seeking County, State, or Federal government entities or non-profit entities that may benefit from being co-located adjacent to the Borough Office, the Borough Municipal Authority, and PA State REP Parke Wentling’s existing offices.

This space is newly constructed and includes shared kitchenette, shared conference room, shared restrooms, dedicated parking, availability of a great room for meetings of up to 125 people, heat, A/C, electricity, and is fully ADA compliant.  For a private showing, please contact the CLCDC by sending an e-mail to: or call 248-909-9060. Lease cost is currently being advertised at $610 per month inclusive of all above described amenities.  Cost is subject to increase depending on actual lease signing date.


Posted: November 24,2014

Conneaut Lake gains new Town Hall/Civic Center with Conneaut Lake Borough Council approval of the donation of the former High Street Community Church

The beautifully-remodeled, historic, landmark building will become the new Town Hall / Civic Center for Conneaut Lake while providing Conneaut Lake Borough Council with new office space and income generating potential through rentals of lower-floor office space and the upper-floor town hall space that can accommodate 125 people.

Plans are already underway for the rental of two of the available offices to 17th District State House Representative-elect, Parke Wentling, and his staff.

As previously announced, the 100 year old church was unveiled and gifted to the borough and community by the family of Ron and Gayle Anderson during an open house Saturday, October 25, 2014.

The new town hall is tangible evidence of the beginning of revitalization of Conneaut Lake Borough.

Please refer to the November 20, 2014 Meadville Tribune front page article in the "Media Coverage" tab of this website.


Posted:  November 14, 2014

Important PennDOT grant award announcement for Conneaut Lake Revitalization Project..........$400,000!!

News Release

Pennsylvania Department of Transportation

Fifty-six Projects Receive Federal Funds to Improve Transportation Alternatives

Fifty-six projects to improve transportation alternatives are in line for $33 million in federal funds, PennDOT Secretary Barry J. Schoch announced today.

Transportation alternative projects enhance pedestrian and bicycle facilities, improve access to public transportation, create safe routes to school, preserve historic transportation structures, provide environmental mitigation, create trails that serve a transportation purpose, and promote safety and mobility.

“These awards represent yet another way PennDOT is working to broaden the reach of transportation investments in Pennsylvania,” Schoch said. “Combined with awards from the new state Multimodal Fund and the Transportation Infrastructure Investment Fund, this program opens the door to an even wider variety of improvements for the people of Pennsylvania.”

PennDOT evaluated the applications and made selections based on such criteria as safety benefits, reasonableness of cost, readiness for implementation, statewide or regional significance, integration of land use and transportation decision making, collaboration with stakeholders, and leverage of other projects or funding.

Following is from the published list of awards for the Transportation Alternative Projects:

Crawford County: Crawford County Commissioners - $400,000 for comprehensive updates to Water Street between First and Second Street in Conneaut Lake Borough. Improvements include: crosswalks, concrete sidewalks, concrete driveways with curb cuts, ADA compliant pedestrian ramps, lighting and relocation of utilities.

Please refer to the November 13, 2014 Meadville Tribune article in the "Media Coverage" tab of this website

Posted: October 29, 2014

Gift of new town hall (formerly the High Street Church) to Conneaut Lake; a tangible early step in the revitalization of Conneaut Lake Borough.

The 100 year old church, renovated over the past six months, was unveiled and gifted to the borough and community by the family of Ron and Gayle Anderson during an open house Saturday, October 25. The modifications to the historic building provide office space structure and area for public and private functions.

Please refer to the October 26, 2014 Meadville Tribune front page article in the "Media Coverage" tab of this website

Posted: October 17, 2014

Conneaut Lake Revitalization Project receives approval on $375,000 state grant targeted for the rehabilitation and further development of Fireman's Beach.

The grant was awarded to the project by the state Bureau of Recreation and Conservation (BRC), Department of Conservation and Natural Resources (DCNR) through its Community Conservation Partnerships Program (CCPP). The BRC awards grants to help communities conserve natural and cultural resources, provide outdoor recreation, enhance tourism, and foster economic development. BRC works to assure that connections between natural resource conservation and community revitalization, and between the citizens and the outdoors, are realized.

Please refer to the October 14, 2014 Meadville Tribune front page article in the "Media Coverage" tab of this website


Posted July 29, 2014:

Contact:  John Atwood
Monday, July 28, 2014

U.S. Department of Commerce Invests $1 Million to Boost Business and Tourism Capacity in Northwest Pennsylvania

WASHINGTON - U.S.  Secretary of Commerce Penny Pritzker today announced that the Department's Economic Development Administration (EDA) is awarding a $1 million grant to the Borough of Conneaut Lake, Pennsylvania.  The funding will support critical infrastructure improvements in the town's central business district, which are to create 78 jobs and leverage $950,000 from local tourism industries, according to the grantee.

"The Obama Administration is committed to helping communities leverage their unique assets to grow and be competitive in today's global economy," said Secretary Pritzker.  "The EDA investment announced today will help Conneaut Lake make needed critical infrastructure upgrades that increase tourism and support the business community in Northwestern Pennsylvania."

Conneaut Lake has a robust business community and is a major regional tourist attraction.  To support redevelopment and the town's ability to attract new businesses and amenities, infrastructure upgrades are needed to replace dilapidated sidewalks and other failing infrastructure.  EDA's investment will support improvements to the central business district to remove worn out public infrastructure, including the water and sewer systems, to help the community leverage private investment and create new jobs for local residents (please refer to July 29, 2014 Meadville Tribune headline article in the "Media" tab of this website).

The mission of the U.S. Economic Development Administration (EDA) is to lead the federal economic development agenda by promoting competitiveness and preparing the nation's regions for growth and success in the worldwide economy.  An agency within the U.S. Department of Commerce, EDA makes investments in economically distressed communities in order to create jobs for U.S. workers, promote American innovation, and accelerate long-term sustainable economic growth.

The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW, Washington DC 20500

Posted July 19, 2014:

National Endowment of the Arts (NEA) grant approval to bring community arts component to the Conneaut Lake Revitalization initiative.

Conneaut Lake Borough is one of 66 National Endowment for the Arts (NEA) "Our Town" projects selected nationwide to receive an area-based community development investment. 

The NEA is an independent federal agency that funds and promotes artistic excellence, creativity, and innovation for the benefit of individuals and communities.

NEA Chairman Jane Chu announced plans to award 66 "Our Town" grants totaling $5.073 million and reaching 38 states in the "Our Town" program's fourth year of funding.

Conneaut Lake is one of those recommended organizations and will receive $75,000 to facilitate arts engagement and planning for a public art trail adjacent to the Water Street business district.  Funding will be used to bring regional artists, storytellers and ethnographers into collaboration with local youth and community residents and will result in a comprehensive fully engineered plan for a public art trail and implementation of community-inspired public art installations along the proposed art trail.

Bill Eldridge, Chairman of the Conneaut Lake Community Development Committee, and Amara Geffen, Professor of Art at Allegheny College and Director of the Art & Environment Initiative of the greater Meadville area, are both pleased and honored that this collaboration will move forward with support from the NEA.  According to Mr. Eldridge, "These funds will allow us to incorporate a community arts component into the revitalization plans for Water Street and Fireman's Beach."  Geffen, who will serve as lead artist for the grant, will work with artists Steve Prince, Ian Thomas and ethnographer Emily Yochim, all of whom are colleagues at Allegheny College, to implement arts-based community engagement leading to design and implementation of sculptures for the proposed public art trail.  Nationally known community organizer, storyteller and founder of the Community Building Storytelling Project, Davd Hunt, will assist with arts-engagement events.

The NEA received 275 applications for "Our Town" this year.  Recommended grant amounts ranged from $25,000 to $200,000.  This year's "Our Town" projects demonstrate again that excellent art is as fundamental to a community's success as land-use, transportation, education, housing, infrastructure, and public safety, helping build stronger communities that are diverse in geography and character.  "Our Town" funds arts-based community development projects in a way that is authentic, equitable, and augments existing local assets.  Since "Our Town's" inception in 2011, and including these projects, the NEA will have awarded 256 "Our Town" grants totaling more than $21 million in all 50 states and the District of Columbia.

"The Borough of Conneaut Lake demonstrates the best in creative community development and whose work will have a valuable impact on it community," said Chairman Chu.  "Through 'Our Town' funding, arts organizations continue to spark vitality that support neighborhoods and public spaces, enhancing a sense of place for residents and visitors alike."

For a complete listing of projects recommended for "Our Town" grant support, including project descriptions and grants listed by state and by project type, please visit the NEA website: support. 

Please refer to the July 21, 2014 Meadville Tribune article in the "Media" tab of this website.

Posted July 15, 2014:

Approval given by Borough Council to enter Contractual Engineering Agreement

At its July 9th, 2014 meeting, the Conneaut Lake Borough Council agreed by unanimous vote to enter into a contractual agreement with E.G.&G Consultants of Mentor, OH to provide Geotechnical Surveys and Preliminary Engineering Documents for the Water Street portion of the revitalization project. This contract follows the Council's action at its June 2014 meeting to select E.G.&G. for these types of services as a result of a competitive selection process that was advertised both locally and nationally.  Under the terms of the contract, the Borough will have options to continue to utilize E.G.&G. for preparation of Final Construction Documents and Construction Bidding Services.  The value of the contract work agreed to at the July 9th meeting is $90,289.00 to be funded by a combination of funding from grants, Conneaut Lake Community Development Committee, and from the Borough.

CLCDC now a 501(c)(3)

There are now two ways you can make a donation to the CL Revitalization Project. Conneaut Lake Community Development Committee (CLCDC) has established the "CLCDC Fund" in conjunction with the Community Foundation of Western PA and Eastern OH. We are now accepting donations for the CL Revitalization Project via this fund. Your donations into this fund are fully tax deductible under IRS 501(c)(3). Also, as in the past, we are continuing to accept donations made directly to the Conneaut Lake Borough for the CL Revitalization Project and these donations are fully tax deductible under IRS 170(c)(1) as support to a government entity. For details, please refer to the "Donate Today" tab in this website.

And we will soon be announcing a third way for you to donate via a link through our website to a secure on-line donation site providing you the opportunity to donate directly to the CL Revitalization Project via your choice of Pay Pal, MC, VISA, or AE.

Posted May 30, 2014:

We were recently notified that our grant application for $1,000,000 through the U.S. Department of Commerce, Economic Development Administration (EDA), has reached the final list for approval. We expect their decision soon.

Detailed surveying has been continuing throughout the town and completion of that work is expected by month end.

We expect to soon receive the first payout from our recently approved $400,000 grant for Fireman's Beach through the PA Department of Conservation and Natural Resources (DCNR) (please refer to the May 22, 2014 Meadville Tribune article in the "Media" tab of this website).  We are continuing our tracking and follow-up on several other pending grant applications.

Posted May 14, 2014 (Website launch date):

The Conneaut Lake Community Development Committee, Inc. (CLCDC, Inc.) and Conneaut Lake Borough Council have been making steady progress on the revitalization project since we kicked off the project three years ago.  We have built a public/private partnership that includes financial support from the Borough, County, Commonwealth, and private citizens.  We have a nationally recognized consultant, E.G.&G. Inc., who developed our master plan and is working to finalize the construction design leading to the construction phase which will be managed by E.G.&G.,Inc. Pennsylvania Representative Greg Lucas,  Pennsylvania Senator Bob Robbins, U.S. Representative Mike Kelly, and U.S. Senator Pat Toomey have endorsed our construction grant funding applications that are now being decided.  The prospects for major funding from the Commonwealth and Federal Government are good.

Since early 2013, we have prepared and submitted a number of grant applications. As we have already announced, we received our first commitments, including 1) $150,000 from the Conneaut Lake Borough Council, 2) a planning grant for $25,000 from the Pennsylvania Department of Community and Economic Development (DCED) and 3) $210,000 from Crawford County (please refer to May  11, 2013 Meadville Tribune article in the "Media" tab of this website).

We  were  awarded $375,000 from the Pennsylvania Department of Community and Economic Development (DCED) for improvements to be made along Water Street (please refer to the November 19, 2013 and March 22, 2014 Meadville Tribune articles in the "Media" tab of this website).  Also, we have been awarded $400,000 through the Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources (DCNR) (please refer to the December 7, 2013 Meadville Tribune article in the "Media" tab of this website). This grant is targeted for improvements to Fireman’s Beach.

Regarding our efforts to secure funding through the Federal Government, we have been awarded $150,000 from the federal Appalachian Regional Commission (ARC). The grant covers storm-water improvements along Water Street (please refer to the October 19, 2013 Meadville Tribune article in the "Media" tab of this website).

Also, we are progressing through a grant process to obtain funding from the federal Economic Development Administration (EDA). In November, 2013 CLCDC officers traveled to Philadelphia, PA. to meet with EDA decision makers. Also attending were our project consultant, from E.G.&G., and a representative from the office of U.S. Senator for Pennsylvania, Pat Toomey. The meeting objective was to gain support for our funding request by demonstrating the significant economic potential that the revitalization project represents to Conneaut Lake Borough. The formal presentation, which included a project overview, project plans and needs, project status, and projected results, was well received. An application was then submitted in December.

CLCDC will continue to pursue grant applications from a variety of sources (local, private, state and federal) as they become available.

Since the beginning of the revitalization project, CLCDC and E.G.&G. have been primarily focused on grant applications and fund raising. As we have been achieving success in these efforts, we are now beginning to focus attention on the actual construction. Along these lines, E.G.&G. has begun work on critical engineering and design studies.  A detailed, formal survey was recently completed.  To remain on our master plan schedule, which points to actual construction beginning in 2015, detailed bids will need to be created and then acted upon by numerous bidders in early 2015.

NOTE:  Once the on-sight work begins, construction will intentionally be staggered along Water Street to allow for traffic flow and to avoid bottlenecks.
To assure the engineering process is not delayed, we embarked on yet another local fundraising project in 2013 to raise additional needed funds to cover the costs of engineering studies. This  initiative focused on over 200 local businesses in the immediate Conneaut Lake area. CLCDC members personally met with representatives of these businesses to present and inform about the project, encourage participation, and to inform business owners and managers of the special recognitions that are planned for contributors. Thanks to great response to this fund-raising effort, we exceeded our goal by $8,000, reaching $58,000. 

One aspect of this fundraiser involved a new level of support recognition (refer to donor recognition tab in this website). We offered the sale of streetlights (lampposts consistent with those already in place along Ice House Park). These are available for a donation of $5,000 and, in return, the buyer will receive a plaque mounted prominently and permanently on the lamppost which may include wording chosen by the buyer; a nice way to create a lasting memory. Although these were initially offered to the businesses, we still have a number of the lampposts available for anyone interested.

The CLCDC is encouraged by the progress that has been made so far on the Revitalization Project  and by the positive response we have received from Borough, County, State and Federal governments, but none of this could have been possible without the local support received since the onset of the project. Three years ago we had only a concept. There were many unknowns and questions, but many interested and concerned members of our community realized the importance of the project and stepped forward to help us generate the initial funds needed to launch the program. For this, we are grateful.


As new information becomes available, we will post it on this website.
One of the goals of the CLCDC throughout this project is to communicate progress regularly to the community.