Camera to capture traffic flow in downtown Conneaut

The Meadville Tribune
By Jean Shanley
Saturday August 23, 2014

CONNEAUT LAKE  ̶  A traffic survey will be taken by using a video camera at traffic signals in Conneaut Lake Borough to get an accurate count of the cars traveling through the borough.

The purpose is to determine the traffic flow, information that will be used by the Conneaut Lake Community Development Committee as it moves forward to its planned revitalization for downtown Conneaut Lake.

Bill Eldridge, chairman of the committee, said at a recent Conneaut Lake Borough Council meeting, that after the traffic pattern is determined, recommendations may be made for parking in the borough.  He said current streets do not conform to the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation regulations, and streets may be widened in the revitalization effort.  However, he emphasized it has not yet been determined how that will affect parking on Water Street, which now has parking on both sides of the street.

Dick Holabaugh, council president, asked about on-street parking and if council will be involved in the discussion regarding parking.

Eldridge assured him council would be involved in the decision.
Eldridge also announced that the CLCDC has received its 501(c)(3) status, meaning tax-deductible donations may be made to the committee.  The purpose of the CLCDC is to revitalize and update the borough streets and infrastructure and improve the downtown area, thus encouraging economic growth.

Eldridge said those wishing to leave funds to the CLCDC in their will may do so.  He indicated it would be used for continued maintenance of the area after the work is done.  Donations may be made online at through PayPal, he said.

Holabaugh praised Eldridge for his handling of the town hall meeting the CLCDC recently held to update borough residents and others on the progress the committee has made regarding funding for its multi-year plan to improve the borough.

CLCDC recently announced several grants it has received for the project, and Eldridge said more are expected.