Conneaut Lake borough awaiting approval of more grants as part of revitalization

By Jean Shanley
Special to The Tribune
May 21, 2016

CONNEAUT LAKE — Although the state budget has passed, no final approval has been given on five grants pending for the Conneaut Lake Community Revitalization Committee for the multi-year revitalization program being planned for downtown Conneaut Lake and Fireman’s Beach at Conneaut Lake.

Although some plans have been altered while awaiting final approval of any of the grants, the project is moving forward with construction planned to begin next spring on Water Street and on Fireman’s Beach.

Bill Eldridge, president of the CLCDC and a member of Conneaut Lake Borough Council, presented a proposal to borough council at its most recent meeting regarding survey work to be done from Water Street, Church Alley and the Moss property, which will allow a pedestrian path from Ice House Park to Fireman’s Beach.

Present plans are to combine Fireman’s Beach and Water Street into one program at this time, Eldridge said. Therefore, the survey of the properties will be done under a new contract with the consultants on the project.

The work on Fireman’s Beach hopefully would begin in the spring of 2017, Eldridge said, working around the summer schedule and making improvements, which would not affect the operation of the beach next summer; and then working again at the end of summer when the beach is closed.

He said the amount of construction done next year would depend on the grant funds approved by the state.

The deadline for awarding the grants they applied for has passed, but no decision has been made on the awarding of the grants. Eldridge said he was told by a state official some decision should be made in June.

Eldridge has been the main person working on the grants and more than $3 million already has been awarded for the multi-year revitalization of Water Street and Fireman’s Beach in downtown Conneaut Lake.