Council discusses repairs to the floating metal dock system at Fireman’s Beach

March 14, 2022

CONNEAUT LAKE — The subject of repairs to the floating metal dock system at Fireman’s Beach was brought up by Councilman Bill Eldridge at Wednesday’s meeting.

The subject had been discussed at several meetings since council member Mario DeBlasio presented information last fall that he believed indicated imminent failure of the system.

Eldridge said, “After review by the CLCDC (Conneaut Lake Community Development Committee), a detailed report was prepared and presented to council by Bob Moss. This report made comparisons to similar dock maintenance issues experienced at Ice House Park. This report recommended a series of preventive maintenance actions that should be pursued to avoid serious damage and dock system failure. The CLCDC offered up to $15,000 to fund this preventive maintenance program. “Six months later, we have done nothing to make repairs on various connecting hinges or implement any of the recommendations made in the CLCDC report. We have already sent out dock rental renewal contracts and accepted payments to rent those docks. To date, the borough has generated well over $100,000 in dock rental revenues from these docks. Sensible management practices dictate that we must preserve this popular community resource so that it can always be financially self-sustaining.”

He concluded by asking when the beach committee is going to do something about it.

John Chuey, chairman of the beach committee, who was attending the meeting via phone, said the committee is working on the project.

Dick Holabaugh, council president, asked the committee to provide the CLCDC with information about the repairs.