Completed Project

Primary Election Ballot Question on Alcohol

The CLCDCV spearheaded a “Liquor License Adoption Initiative” to change Conneaut Lake Borough from “dry” to “wet,” on the May 21, 2019, Primary Election ballot. 

The proposed ballot question was: “Do you favor the granting of liquor licenses to hotels, restaurants, and clubs in the Borough of Conneaut Lake?”

The CLCDC led a grass roots effort to obtain more than the 75 minimum number of petition signatures by NLT February 27, 2019, to get the question on the ballot for citizen approval.  The goal of this initiative was to significantly impact the future economy of the Borough by attracting upscale restaurants, and bed and breakfasts thereby stimulating current business and new business opportunities, as well as increasing the tax base for improved Borough tax revenues.The ballot question was approved on May 21st by the Citizens of Conneaut Lake by a margin of 91 “in favor” and 48 “against”.