Water Street parking will remain after downtown revitalization

The Meadville Tribune
By Jean Shanley
Tuesday, February 17, 2015

CONNEAUT LAKE  ̶  On-street parking will remain on Water Street when the borough’s revitalization plan is completed, according to preliminary plans for the multi-million dollar project.

That was one of the questions answered by representatives of CT Consultants at a recent meeting of Conneaut Lake Borough Council.

The representatives gave an update on progress of the town’s revitalization at the meeting.  Council and members of the audience were assured by the representatives that the planned revitalization is going to happen.

Detailing various aspects of the plan were Paul Roszak, consultant for landscape design; Ben Levenger, project coordinator; and James Golias, project engineer.

The planning on the present Water Street and Fireman’s Beach revitalization began in 2011 when a grant was requested.

The preliminary engineering design will be given to council soon for its approval.  The next step will be creating the final design, which will be presented to the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation for its approval.   Water Street is a state highway, so PennDOT must approve any changes to the road.

From there, the construction project will be put up for bid.

Depending on the length of time each approval takes, the construction work on Water Street may begin in spring 2016, according to the representatives.  A start date for construction at Fireman’s Beach was not provided by CT Consultants.

The revitalization plan also calls for various upgrades to Fireman’s Beach.  The Water Street and Fireman’s Beach projects are separate, as funding has been obtained though grants for each of the projects.

More than $3 million  ̶  half the expected total cost  ̶  has been raised thus far through a combination of state, federal and local grants and other funds.  

Representatives said contractors will work with Water Street businesses to keep any disruption at a minimum while construction takes place.

More grants are being sought by the Conneaut Lake Community Development Committee to finish the project.

Anyone with questions or suggestions should make them now before preliminary plans are completed, according to CT Consultants.  To ask a question or make a suggestion, contact borough council Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to noon at the town hall, 395 High St.; or call (814) 213-0051.