Conneaut Lake praises Fireman’s Beach efforts

By Jean Shanley
December 21, 2020

CONNEAUT LAKE — Work continues on dock rentals at Fireman’s Beach for the 2021 season.

John Chuey, a member of the beach committee, reported at a recent Conneaut Lake Borough Council meeting that rental rates for the old docks have increased from $650 to $750 per year and the rates for the new docks have increased from $850 to $950.

Parking and launch fees will remain the same.

Mario deBlaso, a council member, said he believes the dock rentals are a good deal.

He said Fireman’s Beach docking is the best product in the area. He cited the amount of parking available and the close access to the boats and said the majority of the docks are better than any place on the lake.

Dick Holabaugh, president of council, said he agreed “100 percent” with deBlasio. Holabaugh also mentioned the new equipment at the playground on Fireman’s Beach.

DeBlasio said the reason for all the improvements is because of the great efforts of Councilman Bill Eldridge and the Conneaut Lake Community Development Committee.

Holabaugh said council knew that and added, “That’s why we partnered with them.”

He added that the committee was able to obtain the funding needed for the multimillion-dollar revitalization project and that the committee “is a tremendous asset to the community.”

DeBlasio reviewed profit figures for Fireman’s Beach for the last few years.

In 2020, the profits were $58,000. Previous years were: $28,000 in 2015; $43,000 in 2016; $40,000 in 2017; $30,000 in 2018; and $24,000 in 2019.

DeBlasio pointed out that capital expenditures for improvements were made in 2018 and 2019. He cited the paving of the parking lot and building of a picnic pavilion as reasons for increases also.

DeBlasio said the beach offers “the finest access to the lake.”

Holabaugh agreed and said the trend for increased profits will continue.

DeBlasio said the “numbers don’t lie” and they are evidence that what the committee has promised “have been delivered.”

Council also agreed to purchase six concrete coyote decoys for the beach in an effort to keep geese off the beach.