Completed Project

Water Street Renovation – Phase One

The CLCDC recognized the clear need to repair downtown basic infrastructure as documented in the “2012 Summary of Existing Conditions” EG&G Report. 

We set out on a determined effort to seek grant funding for necessary repairs.  The first priority was to document a preliminary engineering plan for improvements and related cost estimates.  Funding for the overall project was gradually obtained in segments starting with $150,000.00 from Appalachian Regional Commission for engineering and storm water management, and $375,000.00 from Pennsylvania DCED for economic development. We also were awarded $1,000,000.00 from US Dept of Commerce – EDA, $400,000.00 from PennDOT for highway transportation, $215,000.00 from Crawford County resources, and $60,000.00 from CLCDC donations.

The reconstruction of Water Street (between Borough east RT 322 boundary and 2nd Street) was completed simultaneously as the reconstruction of Fireman’s Beach in 2018.  The improvements included underground storm water drainage, relocation of overhead electrical and telecommunications lines, removal of telephone / highway streetlight poles, commercial building ADA entry ramps, sidewalks, driveway aprons, street resurfacing including traffic directional lines, underground infrastructure and electronic controls for traffic signalization, pedestrian crosswalks with push button control, landscaping, new business signage, and new decorative LED street lighting fixtures.  Because of the extensive nature of the need for repairs, the remaining portions of Water Street upgrades were planned for a future phase of the overall project.