State funding official visits beautification sites

The Meadville Tribune
By Jean Shanley
Tuesday, September 29 2015

CONNEAUT LAKE  ̶  A state official who oversees funding sources for revitalization projects like the one going on at Conneaut Lake visited the borough recently, and work is moving forward on the improvement plan.

State Department of Conservation and Natural Resources Secretary Cindy Adams Dunn made an unannounced visit to Conneaut Lake Borough recently, according to Bill Eldridge, council member.

Eldridge reported the visit at a recent work session of Conneaut Lake Borough Council.

He said she looked at Fireman’s Beach, which is part of the revitalization project by the Conneaut Lake Community Development Committee’s plan.  Eldridge said the borough has two applications for grants with DCNR for the beautification project.  “I think she was duly impressed,” he said, adding she thought it “was a very nice project.”

The upgrades are part of a multi-million project being planned by the CLCDC for the borough.

In a related issue, Eldridge gave an update about a recent meeting with the state Department of Transportation regarding the revitalization project.  Among areas discussed were utilities, traffic signals, lights, rights of way and American with Disabilities Act issues.

Negotiations are now under way with property owners to acquire rights of way to allow sidewalks to be constructed and utilities to be installed.  The options include either a temporary or permanent easements.  Property owners will be given the option.  If permanent easements are granted, the borough will then be responsible for maintenance.

Eldridge said the plan also will require all properties open to the public in the area be brought into compliance with Americans with Disabilities Act accessibility requirements unless it is logistically impossible to do so.  So far two such sites have been identified.  The improvements will be paid for with funds acquired for the project.  Property owners themselves will not have to pay.

Regarding the light poles to be added, he said they will match those in Ice House Park.  The traffic signals to be installed must be from a list approved by PennDOT.  Although they won’t be exactly the same as those in Ice House Park, attempts will be made to have them as similar as possible.

Regarding the utility construction, Eldridge said all utilities  ̶  electricity and cable  ̶  are working in a cooperative manner.